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Beginnings and Purposes

January 31, 2007
I created this space today because I wanted an old college friend to see what I’d been up to the last 37 years.  I had contacted him via telephone after finding him through a people search  and some detective work.  We talked last weekend and I promised to provide some pictures.  Email is cumbersome and limited for sending large numbers of pictures. I had thought about setting up an album share at Kodak Gallery, then ran across Microsoft Live Spaces while researching a method of downgrading Windows Vista to Window XP.  When I saw that I would be able to easily share not only pictures, but video as well, this seemed to be an exciting alternative.  Many people have also expressed an interest in my pond project, my fake rock construction and my pond turtles that this seems a convenient way to share with not only my close friends, but the general internet community those skills that I have learned and executed since my retirement.  There are a lot of people interested in water features and I would like to share what I have learned and accomplished.  Time will tell how successful this personal blog will be.
Today, I added three albums reflective of what are now the important elements of my retired life.  Album one is a potpourri of photographs of those people and animals that bring sweetness  to my life.  There will be many more additions to this. The second is a sampling of the pond project created in my back yard over the last two years .  I will be adding much more to this album as well, since the pond is an ongoing project.  The turtles that were in my classroom for 25 years now enjoy a comfortable retirement in the 2000+ gallon concrete pond landscaped with faux rock composed of cement and recycled styrofoam.  One of my turtles (Western Painted-Chrysemus picta belli) was so delighted with it that she dug a nest at the side of the pond and deposited 8 eggs in July, 6 of which hatched.  I now am raising 6 hatchlings, which will be featured in future additions to this space. The third album contains a sampling of the perennial flowers that adorn a berm garden that borders my pond.