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The Pond in Winter

Winter is a time when the pond is pretty quiet.  The fish are at the deepest end with almost no activity, at times under 4 or 5 inches of ice.  The frogs and turtles are hibernating, waiting for the return of warm weather.  The waterfall can still bring something to enjoy. On a bright day, when the snow isn’t blowing, it’s still nice to listen to the sounds and watch the crystals form around the splashing water.  Here is a video to share with you what I get to see whenever I want.  Maybe you should think about adding a pond to your landscape.  They are a little work, but add so much beauty and tranquility to any yard.

Hatchling Western Painted Turtles

March 2008
Here are videos of the Western Painted Turtles hatched fall of 2007: