Making faux rock

October 6, 2008
A lot of people have asked me how I make my faux rock.  I made some videos to show the basic technique and have posted them on two pond forums. Maybe it is easier if I just post them here and can refer people to this site.  That way, I hope more people will also take a look at my pond.  Because of the 10 minute limit to videos on YouTube, I’ve broken the tutorial into six parts.  I hope they are helpful.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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Retired Science Teacher MS in Biological Sciences 68 Years Old Married to Marcia 48 years

3 responses to “Making faux rock”

  1. Mike says :

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your information,I like your instruction,easy to follow! Ive paid for other rock dvd online courses and their just all over the place, paying for their special formulas and when you watch the vidieo its like what did he just do,did I miss something?Thank you again for your you tube instruction,your colors are also right on.Bless you!

  2. Larry says :

    Don, thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. I\’m planning for a small waterfall/pond feature in the corner of my small courtyard, and you have given me the courage to try making my own rocks for the project. Great instruction!

  3. John says :

    Hello Don,

    I really like your work! I’m in the middle of a big landscaping ptoject here in Colorado and I found the faux rock videos very helpful.

    Do you know where I can buy the masonry insulation styrofoam beads? I’m having a really hard time trying to find a supplier around here!


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