Snapping Turtle Hatchlings

October 16 2008
At the end of June, I collected turtle eggs from nests that had been dug up by raccoons, marked them to keep the same sides up, transported them to a container of soil and let them incubate in my backyard.  From October 4-7, the eggs hatched and I ended up with more than 50 hatchlings. I’m now keeping them in a 75 gallon stock tank in the basement.  Next spring, I’ll take them back to the area where the eggs were layed and release the babies.  In the meantime, I can enjoy watching them grow.  Below is a video of the little guys and, as you can see, they really seem to enjoy eating.

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About Don Perry

Retired Science Teacher MS in Biological Sciences 68 Years Old Married to Marcia 48 years

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