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Addition to the Pond

January 2, 2010

This summer, I constructed an addition to the pond in which to grow water lilies.  With the unusually cool summer, there was scant algae growth on the sides of the pond, so the fish and turtles had little on which to graze.  The turtles satisfied their vegetable cravings by eating my precious water lilies down to the tops of the pots.  I decided to add a pool in which to grow the lilies and, at the same time, increase the filtering capacity of the pond.  The new pool is above ground, takes water from the bottom of the pond and moves water through the lily pool at 450 gallons per hour, a rate that allows the water time to deposit suspended silt into the pool, helping to further clarify the water.  In addition, a filter box was constructed to increase bacterial biological filtration.  Below are the videos I made of the construction of the pool proper, the filter box, and the faux rock wall surface.  For levity, I named the pool, "Frog Estates" and included a concrete sign with frog sculpture.  This pool will be an ideal place for tadpoles to develop and frogs to take up residence.
Lily Pool Construction Part 1