This is about ponds, particularly concrete ponds.  Here I share my experiences with the pond I built for my turtles when I retired from teaching science.  In the process of building my pond, I found purchasing and using real rocks and boulders to be impractical, so I learned how to make light-weight faux rock in constructing the pond.  Here I share what I’ve learned about using concrete for making faux rock.  To see more videos of the pond and activities associated with it, see my channel on YouTube.   http://youtube.com/dperry428


2 responses to “About”

  1. Joe Phelan says :


    Joe Phelan (I hope you remember me and the family from Genoa but now in De Kalb). I work with Brian and Ben at 428 and mentioned I wanted to build a stream and pond with turtles and they suggested I reach out to you so here I am.

    I’d like to get together if your open over the next few weeks. I know the weather is turning but the sooner I get started the better off I think it would be.

    my email is jphelan@sigmasolinc.com I hope to hear back from you soon.

  2. George Haddox (Bill) says :

    Good Day Donald, I found your YouTube videos 4 days ago and have been watching ever since. I think what you have done is outstanding and the information on the videos is supper! I to have a small pond and it has had two expansion phases already. I also used castleblocks for it, as I can see that you used them as well on what appears to be the early stage in your pond project. I am looking for other ways to build even more but until I found your videos I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I am now a student of yours and I enjoy the learning and material that you present. Keep up the great work and let me know when you might be in the Greenville SC. area. I will but on a couple of steaks and we can talk faux rock! Thanks for knowledge the you are sharing and thank you for your dedication to TEACH.

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