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New Turtle Hatchlings

December 2, 2008
At the end of September, turtle eggs hatched and I ended up with numerous common snappers and 3 Western Painted turtle hatchlings. I already posted a video of the snapping turtles.  Here is a video of the Western Painted turtles.

Snapping Turtle Hatchlings

October 16 2008
At the end of June, I collected turtle eggs from nests that had been dug up by raccoons, marked them to keep the same sides up, transported them to a container of soil and let them incubate in my backyard.  From October 4-7, the eggs hatched and I ended up with more than 50 hatchlings. I’m now keeping them in a 75 gallon stock tank in the basement.  Next spring, I’ll take them back to the area where the eggs were layed and release the babies.  In the meantime, I can enjoy watching them grow.  Below is a video of the little guys and, as you can see, they really seem to enjoy eating.

Hatchling Western Painted Turtles

March 2008
Here are videos of the Western Painted Turtles hatched fall of 2007: